Friday, July 29, 2011

Protect Your Steel Toe "Toes"

There is no doubt that purchasing a new pair of steel toes is an investment. You want them to last, and not just for a few months but for a long time. One of those ways is to protect the "toe area" of your steel toes from ripping/splitting/cracking. The leather covering this area generally goes through a tremendous amount of wear and tear, and exposing the actual steel can occur without protection. This is especially true for jobs that require a lot of kneeling or active movement.

Fortunately, there are steel toes that offer a toe protector already applied to the boot. These toe guards are generally contstructed of a hard rubber material and can either be glued or stitched into the boot. A stitched boot guard will last longer and help reduce the risk of the toe guard pulling apart from the boot during use. Look at the overall construction of the boot the next time you are looking for a new pair and need a toe guard.

Many boots, however, do not come with the applied toe protector. There are still options to help you out!

One option that is available are the pre-molded, rubber toe-guards. Rogan's Work Boots carries the Red Wing Toe-Guards online now.

These toe guards consist of a flexible rubber that can be adjusted and moved to fit the unique toe shape of your work boots. Although the toe-guards are placed on the shoe using an adhesive, they stay on very well. In addition, it is recommended to go around the entire toe-guard with adhesive after sticking the toe-guard on the boot. This is done to ensure the toe-guard does not pull apart at the seam with the boot. Click here to purchase a pair of Red Wing Boot Bumpers now.

The other option that is becoming more popular is KG's Boot Guard.  Rogan's Work Boots offers the KG Boot Guard in either black and brown color in 1.5oz and 4.5oz packages available online now.

This product is brushed on as a liquid and then hardens as it dries to form a protective shell on the toe that is actually bonded to the boot. The boot guard can be applied to both new and used work boots. And because it is not a solid rubber covering means that it can't be ripped off the boot if it gets hooked or caught on something. Instead, it will simply chip or flake and can be easily reapplied if that happens. Click here to purchase KG Boot Guard now.


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